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August 14, 2013
 RSVP Director Teri Klein retires.
“I’d like to thank all of our valuable and committed volunteers for the exemplary service they have provided over the years and continue to give to our community. They are making a positive impact on the lives of the children and adults of our community. I commend the fine work of Nancy Pratt and Dell Overby who through their community outreach work have brought a recognition for RSVP as a “place to go to” when experienced ,vital dedicated volunteers are needed. And an appreciation to NEON, our sponsor, for the support and recognition of the important service that RSVP provides to both its volunteers and the Community.“


  RSVP Senior Medical Transportation
    Assistance Program
which provides
    transportation to medical appointments for seniors
    in the Westport- Weston Area. 
    Contact: Susan Stefenson 203-341-1072
  Navigation aides - Volunteers help point travelers in
    the right direction.   Please visit the NEON website


  • Recruit quality volunteers age 55+ who want to share their skills and experience to benefit the community
  • Engage volunteers with meaningful and rewarding opportunities
  • Develop relationships between volunteers and community organizations
  • Provide the community with volunteers that are our most experienced residents
  • Commitment to generating lasting benefits for the communities, their agencies and the volunteers


  • Nationwide Volunteer program-Senior Corps

  • Links skills of volunteers with identified community needs

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Insurance
  • Volunteer recognition
  • Training


  • Non-profit organizations at the local, national, public and private levels
  • Social service agencies, libraries, museums
  • Public health and safety agencies
  • Educational institutions and literacy based programs
  • Environmental Organizations
  • Tourism Welcome Sites


  • Diverse backgrounds
  • Desire to give of their time, talent and energy to help others
  • Placement in productive settings
  • Special consideration given to interests, time availability, location

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